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Lightweight construction

Sophisticated lightweight components are Centrotherm's specialty, whether they are in prototype form or part of a series production. Centrotherm is dedicated to developing, manufacturing, and supplying customised solutions for all aspects of the automotive industry, from the early stages of concept development to the start of production. The high-performance series products created by Centrotherm are renowned worldwide for their quality and reliability. This is because Centrotherm consistently finds the most efficient process and the ideal material, every time. And they can do the same for you too.


On the inside, the focus is on the outside: we focus on components with aesthetic surfaces and design. In the world of e-mobility and new mobility, we at Centrotherm are breaking new ground. The result: covers, panels and surrounds with high standards. Highly functionalised. Aesthetic. Customised.



Aesthetics meets function: design components such as door panels, centre consoles, trims and instrument panels impress across the board. Top marks are guaranteed - whether in terms of performance, surface aesthetics or customisation.


Acoustic components deliver first-class results in terms of damping and sound generation. Whether as loudspeaker cones or underbody panelling: Our solutions shine with top marks for distortion factor, resonance properties, absorption behaviour and weight savings.



Insert and distribute: Structural components from the Centrotherm are designed to meet the highest requirements for dynamic and static force transmission within a load path. Whether front ends, foot lever mechanisms, seat structures or equipment carriers - they guarantee maximum energy absorption, effectively substitute metal, save weight and impress with optimised component mechanics.